Frequently Asked Questions

Crowd Cushions are made of rugged-duty marine grade vinyl, their standard size is 42" wide X 30” tall, other sizes are available upon request.  Fire resistant material is available for indoor venues or where required by code.

Crowd Cushions are made of rugged duty, durable components.  They are proven to stand up to both energetic fans and all mother nature can throw their way.  Their service life will vary with use and environment, but we have no problem suggesting that they should last for multiple seasons with minimal care and maintenance.

Yes… Crowd Cushions are compatible with MoJo, Guardian, Stage Right, and GIGS barriers.  For other brands, they are designed to be adaptable.  They attach to barriers with a mounting bracket that will accommodate industry typical sizes.  Our brackets will work as long as your barrier top bar diameter is approximately 2”.   We can deal with irregular ground and have developed solutions to help minimize potential pinch points.

We have developed a mounting bracket that secures the cushion to your barrier.

If your concern is striking the barriers at the end of a performance, trained crew can remove a Crowd Cushion in less than 30 seconds or cushions can just be moved out of the way while still on the barriers. 

Cushions do not need to be removed to move barriers.  Our cushions can be moved around in position on a barrier so if you are striking one show to get ready for another, Crowd Cushions just stay where they are.

Yes, the front of a Crowd Cushion can be printed with your logo or message and the vinyl is available in a wide range of colors (fire resistant in black or gray only).

Yes, we can provide you with removeable decals for the front of the cushions.  Decals can be any size, black & white, or full color printing is available.

Well on a high level it is simple…pressure activates the Crowd Cushion sensor, the sensor signals the Crowd Cushion Controller (that’s our software), and the Controller notifies your designated chain-of-command and turns ON barrier-mounted security alert lighting.

Who gets notified along with when and how is role-based and determined by you.  The Command Center software is how you define your notification tree.  Email/text messaging might be right for senior managers, vibrating pagers might target security floaters in the crowd, regardless, our alert lighting system will pinpoint excess pressure for stage front security where the sound is loudest.

When the pressure of the crowd triggers a sensor, an alert light on the back of that barrier will illuminate so security knows exactly where the problem is and can make efforts to resolve it.

The cushions are all displayed on the Command Center software visualizer, where an Ops Manager can see the status of every cushion.  He/she has got a lot to do so we use green, amber, or red to indicate status at a glance.  A text message will also be sent to anyone designated on the operations chain of command.

Yes, every time a cushion is triggered a text will be sent to the personnel designated to be notified.

Yes, because our support program includes staff training.  Whether rented or purchased, our professional services include the onsite involvement of our knowledgeable field personnel.  Their role is to work with you and your team until everyone is comfortable and confident with their role.  We expect to be onsite for 2 or more events, whatever it takes!

Command Center software features remote system testing.  We recommend that the system test be run on the day of but before each event and again after the show is over.  The system will document the result of each system test.  During your event the system automatically logs cushion status at regular intervals. 

If a sensor is triggered it will automatically reset when pressure is released.

Yes, Internet access is required for overall communication between our Command Center and the pressure sensors.  Where available, the Crowd Cushion gateway prefers an Ethernet connection with cellular as an automatic backup.

Yes, the Crowd Cushion gateway requires a standard 110v outlet within 16 feet.  Also, in a typical layout wired alert lights require a standard 110v on each side of the stage.  Both gateway and alert light sets are already equipped with a surge protector and GFI. 

Battery life is impacted by several factors including signal frequency and temperature, but Crowd Cushion components are selected in part because of their battery life.  Sensor batteries are single use and last for months to a year, we recommend changing them annually.  Alert lights use rechargeable batteries, they should be charged before an event and last for 3+ days.  Yes, the Command Center Dashboard will advise you of battery levels.

Yes. Each cushion has a unique ID which is mapped to your stage layout.  Every pressure incident is recorded, can be viewed in real time, or in printable reports after the fact.  Don’t worry, you own the data, it is encrypted when stored, and is protected by privacy and retention policies.  Regardless, data is available only to authorized users via the Command Center software. 

Crowd Cushions are available for purchase or rent.  Permanent venues will be best served by purchasing Crowd Cushions because they can then be branded with their logo and pay freight charges only once.  Pop up venues and festival managers will appreciate our turnkey rental program.  Either way Crowd Cushions will be supported by our Professional Services team.

Crowd Cushions are available exclusively from Comprise Technologies, a technology integrator located in Navesink, NJ.  Comprise maintains a warehouse facility for the inventory and maintenance of Crowd Cushions.  Professional Services teams are all headquarters at the NJ office.

Comprise inventories cushions for rent and they are generally available in 4 weeks.  Purchase deliveries typically require 8 to 12 weeks.