Crush Cans Not Fans ™

Today’s fans want to be protected. Event staff want to receive the right info at the right time. Exercise crowd management vs crowd control.
Crowd Cushions™ is an innovative Patent Pending notification system that alerts event management with real time notification of crowd pressure on stage barricades.
Crowd Cushions are a sound investment because now more than ever festival goers, concert attendees, sports fans, and folks at venues need to feel that their safety is your priority.

Don't Let Your Event Become A Tragedy

Get the Right Information at the Right Time

Crowd Cushion System consists of 3 integrated components:

  1. Barricade Cushions that react to physical crowd pressure,
  2. A Control Center that monitors cushion pressures in real time,
  3. State-of-the-Art Communication capabilities.

The Crowd Cushion System provides:

  1. Instant visual identification of the exact barrier(s) in each over-pressure incident,
  2. Immediate communication to event management chain of command.

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